Oh Martha

I feel that I missed out on my true calling- Party Planning and Decorating
I'd love to own my own "Event Planning" company, and have my fab friends do the food and catering, and pics, 'cause I've got some crazy talented friends. Sadly times are tough, bills have to be paid.
I avoid the Martha site, who's got time to be that awesome and live up to her? But since I'm wasting some time, slow day at the job, I found some great things that are inspiring on the party front. I love mason jars, candles, glass, and who doesn't love some vodka coctails? Have a look...you know want to. 


No more picturless posts,

because this is the new man in my life! (Insert: Big cheesy smile) Now I just have to learn to use it. I'm very excited at the potential of taking great pics of everything, and the hassle that comes with uploading and editing.

My stove works

Even though I pretend that it doesn't. I don't enjoy the "art" of cooking. Nothing about it is fun to me. I tried. Food Network is the devil for making me believe that anyone can do it. However....I'm pleased to announce that the domestic goddess in me has come out lately. I might will her to go hide, or I might allow her to stick around a little while longer. (We'll see).
I'm going to share with you some of the recent things I've cooked up.
1) I made breakfast cups. With me on the go in the mornings, and Dallas and Neely waking up hungry mid-morning...it seemed like a good idea.
I took a pie crust and lined my huge muffin tin. Filled with eggs, rotell, cooked sausage and bacon, and a little salt and pepper. Topped with cheese, and baked. They worked out well in the fridge for several days to be reheated in the cancer machine.
2) I whipped up a batch of chicken spaghetti. We like this bit of cheese goodness. Toss it in the oven and heat up some rolls and it's dinner.
I make mine with Velveeta, rotell, I cheat with can chicken, and noodles, that's it. Yeah I know it was hard. My goddess got tired.
3) I made hamburger steaks. I hate hate hate the word hamburger steak, but my hubby loves it. I have never once made this. It was easy I just went all "meatloaf" on my ground beef. Seasonings, one egg, some bacon, some left over breakfast sausage (cooked) and pan fried. Then I mixed a package, 'cause I can not make real, brown gravy and simmered my patties in the gravy with onion slices for a while. I was impressed. Seriously tasted sooo good. Probably helps I made meat on meat patties. A few sides and we had a nice dinner at home.
4) I made my brother in law a red velvet cake from a box. Yes Duncan Hines was my inspiration.
5) Sunday morning included some TV time with pancakes (Bisquick don't get too excited) eggs, and bacon. Point is, I messed up dishes!
6) And I'm very excited to announce that I have dinner cooking right now. Yeah mid-day while I'm at work. Crock-Pot, you're awesome, 'til I have to clean you. Tonight's dinner will feature a pork loin simmered in Jamaican jerk sauce and pineapple juice (all night and day). I went home for lunch to check it, and it's sooo tender. I can't wait. I'll boil some corn on the cob, and make some ranch flavored new potatoes, and corn bread per a request.
So there you have it folks, I know how to do some cooking, and I have. It's been nice not having the "where do you want to eat" talk every single night this week.

What have you cooked up lately?


A little help- for the kids!

So here's the deal. I hate hate hate mosquito's. I live in Houston, and they are the worst part about living here. I hate it because of them.

Kids in Africa...I can't imagine what it's like for them.

Check this out, buy a net, and you can possibly win a beautiful quilt. I mean I hope I win it, but I want those babies to get a net to sleep under more importantly.

And mad props to Little Bit Funky- she's awesome!

Seiously folks, it's $10. That's one trip to Starbucks.