Another picture-less post

Lucky for you this is another picture-less post to read. *Great (you think to yourself) she's a real great blogger, dang she did better on the last blog she did*

Well, I really do have hopes of doing pics, soon my dears soon. First I must pull my Kodak out of the desk drawer that it hides in, and plug in my handy flip style Kodak that the wonderful husband got me for Christmas to charge...then I'll be more likely to add pics.

But onto my whole point. As you may or may not know, I'm hoping to start a little side business...no big plans made yet, I'm not quiting my job or anything...just something fun to do on the side, make some stuff and sell some stuff, and hopefully have some fun in the middle. Well I'm not in a huge hurry to start this new chapter of my life, as I've already got a lot going on (like an endless list of "want to do's " to the house/ yard...general Summertime excitement, and such, but I'm constantly planning and dreaming up the ways I want my new business to go.

In these plans I see a few items that I will be in need of in the future for various reasons, there for I'm asking you as my readers, to pass this along, network for me, and help me to obtain the things that are in my "wish list" if you will. Obviously I'm willing to do my part, which will be provide the funds as needed...but I'm not trying to go crazy here, again this is a side thing for fun...not a full fledged corporation, and Neely is getting a lot smarter about her "fashions" *meaning they must be expensive* so funds are tight.

I need a local model, someone who has a charming smile, and is willing to wear my clothes and pose in the silly poses that my mind thinks up and do it all for a few kick backs of free items.
I need a photographer, local would be great. I'm willing to start out doing this task on my own, however I feel that the style of the photo really can make or break the desire to have the item in the photo...I'm digging the edgy candid look that's becoming more popular. Staged smiles just aint doing it for me. Picky I know.
A rustic galvanized wash tub...or two. I'm feeling that this is an essential item to tie into my chosen brand name, as well as for holding items, photo props, and hopefully craft show displays in the future. Yes I know I can purchase a brand new one for roughly $12 at Tractor Supply but it lacks that worn out vintage look I've got in my head.
And most importantly on my wish list is any and all used clothing, buttons, ribbon scraps, baubles, linens, and the like that you no long have a need for, I would really appreciate the opportunity to turn them into something new. I'm truly inspired by using other items to make something new, or some call it up-cycling. Please set these things aside for me, even if you think that there is no way I'd want you dingy old table cloth, or work shirt, trust me I DO! Very much so!

So if you happen to have access to any items on my wish list please email me at laurasloadsoflaundry@gmail.com!


Weekend Recap

Well it's Sunday and the weekend is coming to an end. Some weekends it's so busy I can't wait for the week that follows to get a little rest.
My weekend started out with a scratchy throat and a stuffy nose. Not how I wanted to wake up on Friday knowing that my weekend was going to be busy busy.
Friday morning I went to work, regardless of how horrible I felt first off. As my day progressed my step mother (K) and my little bro (N) were on there way to my house...and I was running down the list of last minute things I needed to do before my Fab Female Fondue night. Thank goodness I took a little longer lunch and ran home to throw those random items in my closet floor...and put my bucket of margarita in the freezer. Once my work day ended I rushed to the daycare to get the tater tot, to the bank to gather small bills for my garage sale change (unsuccessfully- thanks non listening teller) and back home to get more tasks done. Neely had no idea that her uncle N (who is the same age as her) was soon to arrive, so it was a big surprise when they showed up. A few minutes later my awesome friend Allie arrived with a truck full of her garage sale items, and the secret ingredients to her fondue. The kids played and us girls headed into the house for a little sangria and some baking, cooking, slicing and dicing.
We ended up with a pretty awesome spread if I do say so myself. Lucky for my readers, I did not nor do I ever take pics, However K, and Allie do take pics, so maybe I can share those later. The food was great, and a few other friends showed up. Sadly lots of wine was consumed, and our attempt to play a game failed. Saturday morning rolled around, and I rolled out of bed. We pulled all our goodies out of the garage and into the driveway...signs were placed by my amazing husband...and we were off to selling. It didn't seem like we had that great of a turn out, but all in all we made a decent amount of sales. *Parents please do not send your annoying kids to the neighbors garage sale with money to hang out and get on my nerves all day long please* Neely and N played, and we made some dollars. We wrapped it up around one, and then naps followed. I had to promise the little bro a water gun, and Neely a potty training puppy barbie to make it happen but with my allergy attack and sore from standing legs, I'd had payed them each in cash to get my hour of silence. Naps down, and then it was off to Ikea with a friend, K and the kids. I love Ikea, fewer places in the world are as awesome as Ikea is. They have an expanding collection of fabrics, and although pricey, I always walk out with some, and kitchen gadgets, and spend extra time drooling over the cool kitchen models they have. Once home we headed out to eat dinner then off to Target for the promised items. Pure glee from the kids as they got to pick out their prizes...and then pure melt downs when we get home at ten and they can't play with 'em because it was way past bed time.
So here we are Sunday, I actually cooked breakfast, cooked that's right, mark it down. K and N packed up and headed out, and we all took a nice long nap since I'm not the only one with the allergy attack now. It's snot and sore throats all around at my house...and the worst part is that it's the most beautiful day ever. Perfect temps, not a cloud in the sky and the wind is blowing just right. Husband is "fixing" or more like grunting cuss words at his bike in the garage, Neely is riding her loud scooter, and her bike on the driveway, and I'm enjoying the fresh air. This is one of those days we wish we lived closer to a nice lake, or when I should be using my not doing anything else time to craft and create, but sometimes you just need a break. Besides, there's laundry to do!


Busy Bee

Things I did today:
plug in and fill fountain with water
put out more landscaping lights in the flower bed
water the flowers I planted in said bed two days ago (yes just  now)
wheeled in a wheelbarrow several loads of pave stones from my neighbors (across the street) yard to mine   they were so kind to gift to us for us to use to replace our ukie deck
two loads of laundry
allowed the tater tot to have a friend over
made lemon bars for Friday night
made tuna salad for lunch tomorrow
caught up on two hour long shows on dvr

Things I did not do today that must be done tomorrow:
shopping for food
shopping for fuel for my newly acquired resale shop gem of a fondue set
return overdue books to library, that have been in my car for several days
blow the leaves off the ukie deck
wipe down visible dust and dirt in my house and toss all random items into my closet floor like any organized practical girl does before guest arrive
allow the tator tot to go to a friends to play
clean up the garage so you can walk from one side to the other (in order to exit)
make yard sale signs
shop for stakes for said signs
make map of where awesome husband can place said signs on Friday night
clean out tots closet for yard sale items and hope to avoid the "I really need that" fight

Is anyone else tired?! Did I mention that I get to work from 6:45- 4:30 daily?! I seriously would buy more hours in my day this week. Crafting hours this week = zero. And here I am, late and I'm filling my blog with boring information you could care less about. More exciting post to come. Like how my yard is awesome now, and how great my Fab Friday Female Fondue gathering turns out, and how a ton of people show up to buy my treasures on Saturday...power of positive thinking. What are your current projects?



(and a hint at future designs and products from LaurasLoadsofLaundry)

Saturday, after spending the whole day laying grass in the back yard, and more leaf control (sadly while husband had to work) we headed out to Logans Roadhouse, because well Texans love their roadhouse, and it was packed out...so we headed to Logans, better food in my opinion anyhow. After a great dinner we hit up Barnes and Noble, as we have to when we're close to one seeing as there isn't one out here in 'burbia. I found this little piece of wonderful!!!  And I must say it has further inspired the ideas I've had in my head for a while. Should I have spent $14.99 on a magazine?! Probably not. But oh well. I shall become an apronologest!



If you are here, well it's likely because you came over after reading my announcement on my old blog, or from my facebook. Thank you for stopping by!

I have no desired goals for this blog. I am not setting out to promote myself, my future line of products (stay tuned for them), or to share pics and info about my lovely family...basically it's going to be all that, and a little ranting too! I hope to provide you as a reader something interesting, hopefully often, to read, and myself some place to escape and share all the crazy thoughts and ideas in my head.
I look forward to getting back into the "blogy world" and lately I'm feeling highly inspired to craft and create, as well as make renovations and changes in my home...could be the lovely weather and perfect temps!
I apologize upfront, my grammar, spelling, and overall content may not be great, and I suck at taking pics, and or uploading the ones I take. So this will be a challenge all over again. You can get an idea of my blogging style from my epic failure of a previous blog at: http://divinedomestics.blogspot.com/
Again- thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back often.