My stove works

Even though I pretend that it doesn't. I don't enjoy the "art" of cooking. Nothing about it is fun to me. I tried. Food Network is the devil for making me believe that anyone can do it. However....I'm pleased to announce that the domestic goddess in me has come out lately. I might will her to go hide, or I might allow her to stick around a little while longer. (We'll see).
I'm going to share with you some of the recent things I've cooked up.
1) I made breakfast cups. With me on the go in the mornings, and Dallas and Neely waking up hungry mid-morning...it seemed like a good idea.
I took a pie crust and lined my huge muffin tin. Filled with eggs, rotell, cooked sausage and bacon, and a little salt and pepper. Topped with cheese, and baked. They worked out well in the fridge for several days to be reheated in the cancer machine.
2) I whipped up a batch of chicken spaghetti. We like this bit of cheese goodness. Toss it in the oven and heat up some rolls and it's dinner.
I make mine with Velveeta, rotell, I cheat with can chicken, and noodles, that's it. Yeah I know it was hard. My goddess got tired.
3) I made hamburger steaks. I hate hate hate the word hamburger steak, but my hubby loves it. I have never once made this. It was easy I just went all "meatloaf" on my ground beef. Seasonings, one egg, some bacon, some left over breakfast sausage (cooked) and pan fried. Then I mixed a package, 'cause I can not make real, brown gravy and simmered my patties in the gravy with onion slices for a while. I was impressed. Seriously tasted sooo good. Probably helps I made meat on meat patties. A few sides and we had a nice dinner at home.
4) I made my brother in law a red velvet cake from a box. Yes Duncan Hines was my inspiration.
5) Sunday morning included some TV time with pancakes (Bisquick don't get too excited) eggs, and bacon. Point is, I messed up dishes!
6) And I'm very excited to announce that I have dinner cooking right now. Yeah mid-day while I'm at work. Crock-Pot, you're awesome, 'til I have to clean you. Tonight's dinner will feature a pork loin simmered in Jamaican jerk sauce and pineapple juice (all night and day). I went home for lunch to check it, and it's sooo tender. I can't wait. I'll boil some corn on the cob, and make some ranch flavored new potatoes, and corn bread per a request.
So there you have it folks, I know how to do some cooking, and I have. It's been nice not having the "where do you want to eat" talk every single night this week.

What have you cooked up lately?

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