So a few weekends back

We went to Austin for the craft fair, and to celebrate our anniversary.
Dallas reserved us a cool new hotel, I can't remember what it's called right now. Not important.
We went to a Bob Schneider show on Friday night, then Saturday we got to the craft fair right when it was opening. AMAZING!
I met Chirstine Haynes, who wrote Chic and Simple Sewing...an awesome book that I'd like to work my way though. She's totally cool...and was a lot of fun to talk to. I was too jazzed to even think about getting a pic. I did buy a cute tote, and she signed it for me. I'd have loved to buy some of her clothes, but lets face it I'm no size two. If you sew, her book is a must buy.
Later I got to meet Jennifer Perkins. Huge inspiration. She inspires me to spend my lunch hour dreaming up crafts to create. I stumbled upon her blog one day last year and told Husband "I want to move to Austin and I want her to be my best friend, because she's the coolest person ever!" Well neither of those are gonna happen any time soon, but it was a huge life high point to meet her. I bought a jar of her goodies to bring home and use to make my own Naughty inspired stuff. Sadly that was a huge chunk of my craft supply allowance...so lately I've been coveting fabric I can't afford.
Anyhow, I also scored some cute buttons, and lots of cards so I can do some online shopping later.
We went to Norm McDonald's stand up act on Saturday night, and it was sooo funny. I'm a dork for Norm, like I get excited when he's on a show and shout out "I heart Norm!" Good thing my husband knows me soo well.  I just noticed I like to use sooo a lot.
We managed some lake time, bluegrass brunch and checked out old town Bastrop on our way home. So here are some pics


I'm Sorry

that I've really sucked at blogging lately.

1) our internet at home is the worst- husband is working on getting it fixed
2) we've been very busy lately, almost never home
3) I've actually been crafting (some)
4) if you aint got nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all tends to apply to me lately
5) and the technology that it involves to update my music on my car is enough to set me over the edge lately so uploading pics, and all that jazz, haven't been feeling it.

Sooo...with that said, I hope to find time to post a few soon, share those pics I don't want to upload, and finish updating my car's sync...too bad I have a ton of projects I'd rather spend my time on.


Quick Update

*driving in the rain
*cool hotel
*bob schneider show
*liked opening band smile smile
*touched a cool white guy fro
*renegade homemade craft show
*met two ppl i idolize
*baby a's for lunch
*got signed book
*had good pop, changed life
*about to hit the lake
*can't wait for norm's comedy act tonight
*will have shaddy grove for dinner
*tomorrow is bluegrass brunch
*dorky as it is i love bluegrass
*more craft fair on my list
= best weekend ever!


Post it Note Tuesday

I'm lazy, and in a hurry to write the directions and such. Visit Scotti and get the scoop. Here are my notes:


May 15-16

I'll be there will you?


Oh May oh May

It's May! Yeah!
May is probably my favorite month of the whole year. It's like New Years to me. It's a time of new beginnings, new life, and oh the sunshine! How I love the sun!
I have so many things to look forward to this month, and more things to try to accomplish on my projects list.

Things I'm looking forward to:

Mother's Day this weekend. I can't wait to spend the weekend with my mom. She's awesome, and deserves to be honored for all her mom work she's done for me and my brother. In addition to being with my mom, my brother, Justin will be here home from San Diego. I'm so excited to see him, and I'm already dreading leaving and saying good bye. (I'm so very glad this is his last time to go underway.) Anyhow, we've got a little surprise planned for her.

The following weekend will be my very anticipated trip to Austin (yeah I know we go to Austin every other weekend, but this time it's for something great.) The Renegade Craft Fair will be going on, and I plan on being there when the doors open. There are so many cool crafters I'm dying to meet, things to learn, and lots of ideas to get...and hopefully some awesome items to purchase. I hope to meet this person, because I pretty much envy her. And well anytime in Austin is a good time to me. Sixth Street? We'll see. Depends on if Kid is in tow. I'll be letting you know how it goes!

Miss Neely will be out of town for the second half of the month...so that's always nice. Grown up time. Means hopeful crafting time for me.

We're planning another trip to the river with some friends for Memorial Day Weekend.

May 26th will be the THREE year anniversary with Wonderful Husband!

School will be out, meaning Wonderful Husband will be home and relaxed, and on top of the piles of laundry and mowing *wish*

Projects I plan to finish this month:
Make a cute strapless dress from the lovely black fabrics I purchased
Make outdoor pillows for the furniture
Paint the outdoor furniture
Buy a new umbrella for the deck
Treat myself to nice undergarments
Make myself a camera strap

Projects I hope to start:
Pull up the deck
Paint the kitchen cabinets
Saving my allowance for Fathers Day gifts
Purge Neely's closet and clothes
Make Neely's quilt from her old baby clothes





Texas Thang (#3)

Guadalupe State Park - Sunday 5-2-10


Texas Thang (#2)

More of what we did:
We ate lunch at the

then we headed to the Lazy L&L campground
where we sat up camp, and hit the river

then this happened

then we went to eat dinner at Lucky's
and this is what we had

and it was awesome.
Then we spent the rest of the night awake from noisy campers, then followed by rain, and then because it was just cold, but not Neely, she slept like a rock.


It's a Texas Thang Y'all (Part 1)

This summer will be like the previous summers, filled with random trips. We (as a family) try to enjoy as much as we can...as often as we can, and I must say as silly as it may be I'm a true Texan girl, and I also find many of the things about Texas and Texans to be equally as awful as they can be awesome...there for you may find more posts on TX stuff to come too.

This weekend we finally got around to "floating the river."
Some friends of ours had mentioned partaking in this Texas pass time on Memorial Day weekend. So...Amazing Husband having learned his lesson on taking me on unpleasant trips, decided we should 1) check it out beforehand 2) know what the heck we're doing before we get there on the biggest weekend of the season 3) let the kid cash in on the camping trip he's been promising her.

We packed up real early on Saturday, and headed West. Heading West almost always means we get to stop at Shobels in Columbus. The breakfast is great, but my very favorite is their buttermilk pie. After breakfast we just kept on trucking West, and ended up here:

And if you're from Texas you've heard about this little place. It's sorta famous. If you've never been, it's really neat, and you can read the history here: http://www.gruenetexas.com/

And for more great Southern fun, enter the contest going on at my friend's blog here: http://findinginspirationinfood.blogspot.com/2010/04/giveaway-time-and-sausage-stuffed-pork.html