Is my overall feelings. I've been out of town some this week, and on the go the rest of the week. It's harder to make good food choices that adhere to the "protocol" and even though I kept up with it, I believe the stress, and such put me at yet another wall. It's annoying. Five days and I went up and down up and down, only to manage to make it a week with an overall loss of one pound. Not what I had hoped. I'm more mad that I have my weigh in at the Medispa tomorrow, and I'm embarrassed that I didn't keep with  my mega loosing trend I was on.

Overall I loss more than I expected, and I held out longer than I thought I could. I am very much so ready to give it up. I believe this should be my last week of phase 2. Thank Gawd! I'm not looking foward to phase 3 or 4, however you want to break it down. I'm dying for bread. DYING! I can do without the sweets. I'm not going to lie, I even cheated today and had a coke zero. I figured what the heck, it's not going to stop me from loosing that pound I'm not loosing anyhow.

On the upside, I got my membership to the gym, and I made it on the treadmill at a moderate pace for 20 mins today (before the child care center closed). Gotta time that better next time. And I've already got plans to meet a friend tomorrow after work!

Dallas started the homeopathic HCG diet a few days, today is his second day of the 500 cal diet. He's already down 9 lbs...if that doesn't just suck! I mean good for him, dang for me.

I made chicken taco soup for us for lunch, and we at at Lo Cal (a healthy dinner here in town) and had Buffalo for dinner. I must say I really enjoyed my Buff Burger on no bun.

On another positive note, I'm not longer classified as obese, just overweight, according to the BMI crap. Lucky me!


My Birthday is Just Around the Corner

and this is what I want:

Why you ask would you ask for something like that?! Well it's crazy expensive to sign up for, and the monthly dues for my family is around $140 a month. So I'd love some moola to contribute to my gym dues.  I plan on making this an important part of my lifestyle. You know the future skinny me.

They have all this amazing stuff to do:
Exercise Facilities
•Cardio Equipment
•Free Weights
•Resistance Training
Aquatics Facilities
•Indoor Lap Pool
•Indoor Leisure Pool
•Outdoor Swimming Pool
•Water Slides
•Basketball Courts
•Indoor Climbing Wall
•Indoor Volleyball
•Outdoor Volleyball
•Racquetball Courts
•Squash Courts
Child-Friendly Facilities
•eMac Computer Center
•Junior Sport Court
•Play Maze
•Free Lockers & Towels
•Plasma Big-screen TVs
•Steam Rooms
•Wireless Internet Access
Additional Services
•Athletic Leagues & Instruction
•LifeCafe (Cafe & Nutrition Store)
•LifeSpa & Salon
•LifeStudio (Yoga & Pilates)
•Personal Training



"We won't eat junk food either while you're on your diet."

Bahah what a load of crap!

It'd be a hell of a lot easier to not eat anything if my partner wasn't sitting there chopping down on a bacon toaster burger and tots from Sonic.

I could claw his eyes out for just one of those deep fried balls of potatoe bits. But I stay composed.

Needless to say I'm annoyed and pissed that this said meal could not have been enjoyed in the confines of his truck.

So much for support.

On another note. Down 2 from yesterday.
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One lousy pound

I felt like serious crap today. I could not get going this morning. I went to work looking like it too.
After a few hours falling asleep at my desk, struggling I went next door to the Medispa for another B12 shot. Then to Jasons for strawberries and green tea. I felt better soon after.
My boss is not happy with my not being able to eat crap food aka pick his up, and my lack of "pep"- he said its not working for him. I can't argue, I'm fighting the urge to quit so bad. I was excited to be half way... but after more research into phase 3 I found out no bread. Not just sugar...no bread for 3 more weeks. AFTER the two more I have?! Oh I can't make it. I'd give my left arm for a tortilla. To make matter worse I saw recipes on yahoo today for faux girlscout cookies. Uhh.
Today I took another injection and I'm back to being disgusted by food and queezy all day. That gives me hope since I wasn't loosing when I didn't feel this way.
So there you have it faithful readers my update. I know you couldn't wait for me to post it.
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Guess I've hit one.
Steady for two days. No up or down.
I feel frustrated.
However my energy has improved, I no longer feel as queezy at all times (only when food is involved).
I have changed up today and went back to one protein a day. No beef. Only one half apple. Water water water. Now tea. I boiled up some shrimp with blacked spice in veg stock. Not too bad, if I cared to eat.
I have hopes of improvement after today. Otherwise I'm afraid I or it has failed and that is not a good feeling at mid-point.

Get back Miss Piggy! You are not welcome here no mo!
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Well today was my second Tuesday on the plan.
Today I went to the Medispa. Thank goodness...I was about to die.
I felt faint. Hot and cold flashes. Dizzy. Tired.
They said to try splenda. Well see. I got a lovely B12 and that improved things.
I managed to put down more food than I have been so I hope that gives me a boost of energy too.
I figure at this point if I'm increasing my food and adding splenda I won't loose much tonight. Better than dying!
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Week one down

And the scale was my friend this morning.

-11.8lbs since I started last Monday!

I'm beyond thrilled!
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Bulk shopping and cooking

Yesterday I went to wholefoods on Austin as part of a girls road trip. I stocked up on meats and veggies and herbs. Best part is all organic.

Today I made a dreaded trip to the W-mart for a ton of rubbermaid containers.

This afternoon I whipped up a pot of homemade chili with fresh veggies and beef cubes.
A few batches of hcg approved meatballs, and homemade marinara.
Cooked up some faux crabcake, all the goodies no breadding, so no cake formed.
I have chicken marinating in the fridge for cooking tomorrow. And to top it all off I had a nice tough dry grass fed cow steak for dinner. It shrunk from 4 oz to 2, but I'm full.

I baked up some cheddar herb bread from a mix made by my friend for Dal to have with his dinner and it almost killed the deal. I was dying to eat a bite!

I've held strong. My motto is nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. And I really want to enjoy my water time this summer.

I go to the medispa on Tuesday and ill have a better idea of my progress...and a new set of shots in hand.
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So far

-5 lbs. since Monday.

It sucks eating nothing good, not because I'm hungry but because I love junk food.

I've been consuming two liters of water a day. Not so fun at night.

I'm not eating all the food allowed, I'm just not that hungry, and it doesn't sound good enough to poke in my mouth.

I tried to exercise last night, and lasted 15 minutes before I felt like fainting. Probably should have had lunch, since as of 5pm yesterday I'd only managed to choke down half a grapefruit and a melba toast.

I enjoyed baked talaipa and boiled asparagus for dinner. Not so bad. Hard to cut down on salt when there is no sugar in the meal, working on that.

Today I'm going with the appetite suppressant...it's not better or worse.

This morning was my third injection, and I'm a pro at it!

I found some sites with recipes so I'm excited to make some meals in bulk and freeze for future use. I'll be updating that fun stuff over the weekend!

All in all I'm pleased with the way that things are going!


First meal

Strawberry chicken salad
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Breakfast of Champs!

Each cookie has 110 Calories

4 is what I'm eating for breakfast, and I realize that this is the sum of all the calories I will be allowed to consume for the weeks to come. Clearly not in Carmel/ chocolate goodness...but none the less, 440 calories.

Now I must go forth and cram crap into my mouth for a few more hours...and then it's off to sad sad plain 'ol healthy food.

F.Y.I. there is nothing more depressing that melba toast.


Phase One

Eat as much fat as you can.

Well yesterday was the first day of my life. I went to get my first shot of hcg yesterday afternoon. Doesn't hurt. I may feel differently about that when I give it to myself tomorrow morning.

After your first injection you binge, gorge, go all fatty or whatever you call it. * side note: been blogging this from my phone and just realized I can say what I want and it types it for me!*

Back to fat consumption; I started with Mexican for dinner, donuts for breakfasts, chocolate milk, coke...no time for lunch (dern job). Dinner was a nasty club sandwich from McDonald's. Oh yeah McDonald's is programmed in auto- text. So weird. I added an apple pie for 7 extra grams of fatty. Yuck.

Don't get me wrong I'm the queen Miss Piggy but the thought of food grossed me out. Still does. I'm just afraid if I don't follow it to a T it won't work. I have been queezy everytime I eat.

Tomorrow will be injection number two. I will begin the low ( practically zero) calorie diet known as phase two. The pounds should begin to disappear soon after.

Jelious? You will be when I can finally find way cute clothes in my *new* size at vintage and second hand stores for mad cheap. So now you know my real driving force!

Here's to several more hours of saturated fats, butter and cheese, because soon I will put my inner Paula Dean in her grave!
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Diet Food Shopping Adventure

As with any diet there is the food aspect. The important part. What will you eat?!

500 calories a day. Everyday for four long weeks. It's not just the calories, its only certain foods at assigned times.

I went for my weekly trip to the grocery. Armed with my print out... and very strong will power to avoid the Little Debbie section.

I realized that my only satisfaction is going to be in the form of tea. I do not enjoy hot tea. I prefer sugar in my cold tea nonetheless I will take any variation of flavor I can get so I stocked up.

Among my tea I can have coffee. Black. One melba toast a day. Salad. Select veggies. Grapefruit. Strawberries. And 4 oz of chicken or veal or non oily fish twice a day. No oil. Do you know how hard it is to cook without any oils? No dressings either.

I stocked up on chicken, and a ceramic skillet. Mrs. Dash.

I am ready. I can do this.

I will go tomorrow afternoon and get my first round of shots. I binge on fat for 48 hours...and off to bland land for me.
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Ugly Numbers

On the scale.
At the Medi-Spa.
Bad bad ugly numbers.

I guess the eatting everything I like, and want, and eatting out at all my favorite places in preperation for this has paid off. I'm fat. Those were the ugliest numbers I've ever seen. I had my consult yesterday. It went well. The numbers on the scale set me into a state of self hatred, and lack of hope. To add to the trauma my blood pressure is apparently so bad I'm bordering a stroke. Nice. They put you on a scale that measures your bmi, how much of you is actual fat, and how much each of your limbs weighs. Not so sexy. More fun than all that it gives you a really big un-obtainable number you should loose. Pounds. Gawd. I'll never make it to that number. Good numbers were the prices of the program. $35 for the visit. $275 for four weeks of hcg shots.$10 for lipo-dissolve shots whenever I feel like getting them. Easy right? I'm okay with those dollars. Sooo... even though I'm not giving you my numbers I will say that I should loose 68lbs to fit into the ideal weight. I hope to loose 50 total. I like my curves in most places. So tomorrow I will be talking about the "plan" and the grocery store trip. It's captivating!
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Well Hello There....

It's been forever since I've posted. I pretty much gave up on the 'ol blog.
But I'm coming back for a limited time only!
You should be.

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow will be Friday January 7th, 2011. What's so important about that you say?! Well I have my consultation with the Medi-spa to begin the HCG diet.

Let me be very clear, this is in no way my resolution. This has nothing, and I mean nothing to do with it being a new year and a new me, and all these promises we make and break.
It just so happens I didn't want to miss out on Christmas treats, and it happens to fall into our budget for me to have this opportunity to do it right now.

So I will be blogging my pain, frustrations, hunger, hate for lack of food, and success as well as the things I will be learning about myself, my terrible eating habits, and my personal growth with you during my journey (I mean battle) to thin, (well okay smaller).

Told you that you should be excited. Ha. Ha. If for nothing else, to see all the amazing ways I can jazz up 500 calories of chicken breast a day. (first though, jerky)