Oh Martha

I feel that I missed out on my true calling- Party Planning and Decorating
I'd love to own my own "Event Planning" company, and have my fab friends do the food and catering, and pics, 'cause I've got some crazy talented friends. Sadly times are tough, bills have to be paid.
I avoid the Martha site, who's got time to be that awesome and live up to her? But since I'm wasting some time, slow day at the job, I found some great things that are inspiring on the party front. I love mason jars, candles, glass, and who doesn't love some vodka coctails? Have a look...you know want to. 


  1. beyond love mason jars!

    ohhh and your post regarding your party, love the trail mix... you can even add candy corn to the trail mix and orange m&m's! so fun!