If it's less than $1, it probably suxs

and my weekend in bullets:

Fri after work:
*go home and begin the great gear up for fall scrub down- I deep cleaned my house starting with the kid room, her bathroom, hands and knees on the floors here, laundry, and then hours upon hours in my bathroom with a toothbrush and a bottle of CLR.
*work on washing clothes and all the decor pillows and towels between scrubs
* love my hubby for mowing the lawn and finishing laying the rocks for my patio/ rock garden
*poop the heck out

*Hubby worked so I got up and went to Wal-mart to buy spray paint
I very quickly learned my lesson upon returning to my house and attempting to spray paint my outdoor furniture, and some picture frames. If the can of spray paint is $.94 a can it will NOT stick to the surface you are painting, no matter what that surface is unless it is your skin. Awful. At this point I'm dripping it sweat and looking a hot mess from the stinking humidity, so I had to abandon that project and suck up the fact that I had three cans of useless spray paint on my hands.
*head back inside and scrub away at the main living parts of the house. hands and knees again in the kitchen.
*go outside and pick weeds from the dying flower bed just so I feel like I've got an excuse to hold off on getting out the vacuum for a little while longer.
*hang really great champagne colored sheer curtains all around my second patio to create an "intimate" space/ faux screened porch look.
*sweep forever said patio
*return to the indoors to hang my empty frame collage on the big blank wall we've been looking at for three years now. I'm satisfied with the results, they always look so cute online, but I'm afraid in life mine looks cheesy perhaps? I'm afraid I just like it because I put all that work into it.
*finally vacuum the floors
*dishes and folding laundry at various times of the day
*go to the movies with my husband to see Dinner for Schmucks...laughed sooo much
*come home and crashed!

*are you bored yet with my weekend? Well I must say I was pooped out.
*wake up real early, and go paint all that stinking half painted outdoor furniture sitting in the back yard.
*joined weight watcher, and started counting points right away.
*think about how thankful I am that my husband went to get me some Krylon Fusion paint. Worth the extra dollars!
* chill out and watch Crazy Heart- fairly lame movie, but it had Ryan Bingham in it, and we really like him.
*go have lunch at the small time farmers market/ grocery store
* go to ikea and battle the crowd for crappy bar stools because they were out of stock of the ones I wanted
* work on my window covering for the kitchen window
* put the dried furniture on my new patio/ rock garden, and feel a bit of joy
* go to our friends for dinner, movie and game night
*cut husbands hair- he's so handsome now
*crash again.

Thank goodness it's Monday now and I got to spend my day at the office catching up on my rest! I wish.

What did you accomplish this weekend?

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