Busy Bee

Things I did today:
plug in and fill fountain with water
put out more landscaping lights in the flower bed
water the flowers I planted in said bed two days ago (yes just  now)
wheeled in a wheelbarrow several loads of pave stones from my neighbors (across the street) yard to mine   they were so kind to gift to us for us to use to replace our ukie deck
two loads of laundry
allowed the tater tot to have a friend over
made lemon bars for Friday night
made tuna salad for lunch tomorrow
caught up on two hour long shows on dvr

Things I did not do today that must be done tomorrow:
shopping for food
shopping for fuel for my newly acquired resale shop gem of a fondue set
return overdue books to library, that have been in my car for several days
blow the leaves off the ukie deck
wipe down visible dust and dirt in my house and toss all random items into my closet floor like any organized practical girl does before guest arrive
allow the tator tot to go to a friends to play
clean up the garage so you can walk from one side to the other (in order to exit)
make yard sale signs
shop for stakes for said signs
make map of where awesome husband can place said signs on Friday night
clean out tots closet for yard sale items and hope to avoid the "I really need that" fight

Is anyone else tired?! Did I mention that I get to work from 6:45- 4:30 daily?! I seriously would buy more hours in my day this week. Crafting hours this week = zero. And here I am, late and I'm filling my blog with boring information you could care less about. More exciting post to come. Like how my yard is awesome now, and how great my Fab Friday Female Fondue gathering turns out, and how a ton of people show up to buy my treasures on Saturday...power of positive thinking. What are your current projects?


  1. LOL don't you love being an adult?!?!

    So excited about this weekend the rain better move on out quickly.

    For signs if you can find the home builder ones with the arrows use those I consider them free. :) Just put tape over the name or a sheet of paper then write garage sale. I'll see if I can scout some out over in my neck of the woods.