(and a hint at future designs and products from LaurasLoadsofLaundry)

Saturday, after spending the whole day laying grass in the back yard, and more leaf control (sadly while husband had to work) we headed out to Logans Roadhouse, because well Texans love their roadhouse, and it was packed out...so we headed to Logans, better food in my opinion anyhow. After a great dinner we hit up Barnes and Noble, as we have to when we're close to one seeing as there isn't one out here in 'burbia. I found this little piece of wonderful!!!  And I must say it has further inspired the ideas I've had in my head for a while. Should I have spent $14.99 on a magazine?! Probably not. But oh well. I shall become an apronologest!


  1. oh gosh! I bought an apron book last year with intentions of making aprons for xmas gifts...yeah never made one :)

  2. Send it my way girl, I'm ready to start wipping 'em up.

  3. I'm back and up to date following the correct blog now! haha So glad your back to blogging!!