Quick Update

*driving in the rain
*cool hotel
*bob schneider show
*liked opening band smile smile
*touched a cool white guy fro
*renegade homemade craft show
*met two ppl i idolize
*baby a's for lunch
*got signed book
*had good pop, changed life
*about to hit the lake
*can't wait for norm's comedy act tonight
*will have shaddy grove for dinner
*tomorrow is bluegrass brunch
*dorky as it is i love bluegrass
*more craft fair on my list
= best weekend ever!


  1. Cool "white guy fro"? Was it my nephew, Kyle's? LOL Glad you had a great weekend!! Love ya!

  2. That sounds like a pretty amazing weekend, minus the driving in the rain part. Man now I'm hungry for Shady Grove. Where was the Blue Grass lunch, that sounds fun.

  3. At the North Threadgills Location. We had to skipp shady grove due to the extreme wait. But had an amazing time just the same! It was awesome meeting you! See above! ha ha.