It's a Texas Thang Y'all (Part 1)

This summer will be like the previous summers, filled with random trips. We (as a family) try to enjoy as much as we can...as often as we can, and I must say as silly as it may be I'm a true Texan girl, and I also find many of the things about Texas and Texans to be equally as awful as they can be awesome...there for you may find more posts on TX stuff to come too.

This weekend we finally got around to "floating the river."
Some friends of ours had mentioned partaking in this Texas pass time on Memorial Day weekend. So...Amazing Husband having learned his lesson on taking me on unpleasant trips, decided we should 1) check it out beforehand 2) know what the heck we're doing before we get there on the biggest weekend of the season 3) let the kid cash in on the camping trip he's been promising her.

We packed up real early on Saturday, and headed West. Heading West almost always means we get to stop at Shobels in Columbus. The breakfast is great, but my very favorite is their buttermilk pie. After breakfast we just kept on trucking West, and ended up here:

And if you're from Texas you've heard about this little place. It's sorta famous. If you've never been, it's really neat, and you can read the history here: http://www.gruenetexas.com/

And for more great Southern fun, enter the contest going on at my friend's blog here: http://findinginspirationinfood.blogspot.com/2010/04/giveaway-time-and-sausage-stuffed-pork.html


  1. I have never been to TX, but have always wanted to visit!

    Looks like a fabulous weekend!

  2. Love that last pic of Neely! She looks adorable!