So a few weekends back

We went to Austin for the craft fair, and to celebrate our anniversary.
Dallas reserved us a cool new hotel, I can't remember what it's called right now. Not important.
We went to a Bob Schneider show on Friday night, then Saturday we got to the craft fair right when it was opening. AMAZING!
I met Chirstine Haynes, who wrote Chic and Simple Sewing...an awesome book that I'd like to work my way though. She's totally cool...and was a lot of fun to talk to. I was too jazzed to even think about getting a pic. I did buy a cute tote, and she signed it for me. I'd have loved to buy some of her clothes, but lets face it I'm no size two. If you sew, her book is a must buy.
Later I got to meet Jennifer Perkins. Huge inspiration. She inspires me to spend my lunch hour dreaming up crafts to create. I stumbled upon her blog one day last year and told Husband "I want to move to Austin and I want her to be my best friend, because she's the coolest person ever!" Well neither of those are gonna happen any time soon, but it was a huge life high point to meet her. I bought a jar of her goodies to bring home and use to make my own Naughty inspired stuff. Sadly that was a huge chunk of my craft supply allowance...so lately I've been coveting fabric I can't afford.
Anyhow, I also scored some cute buttons, and lots of cards so I can do some online shopping later.
We went to Norm McDonald's stand up act on Saturday night, and it was sooo funny. I'm a dork for Norm, like I get excited when he's on a show and shout out "I heart Norm!" Good thing my husband knows me soo well.  I just noticed I like to use sooo a lot.
We managed some lake time, bluegrass brunch and checked out old town Bastrop on our way home. So here are some pics


  1. sounds like fun! Love that coke cooler!

  2. ohhhh looks like you had a total blast!