Karters Bows of Faith

I'm going to make this one quick, since it's my lunch break...but there are some great people I went to school with, who have a beautiful baby girl, Karter. Well Karter has a story...and you can read about it at her mommy's blog here.
Karter spends a lot of her time at Texas Children's Dallas, wearing a lot of tubes. Well her amazing mommy feels like when Karter wears a bow she looks more like a sweet baby rather than a tube covered sick baby. And she's RIGHT!
So in Honor of Karter she has started a little charity. Bows for girls and Bennies for boys. So crafty people, help them out! Here is a copy of her post from her blog: Karter's Bow of Faith

Okay ladies listen up! I am starting up a collection in HONOR of Karter for the little girls here at Children’s Medical Center. Upon walking into Karter’s room yesterday all I could see were machines, tubes, and lines hooked up to my precious angel. However, last night she was given another bow to put onto one of her wires….This changed everything!!! You would not even imagine the difference seeing a bow made on my little girl. Instead of seeing the wires and tubes I just saw a sleeping beauty. The bow made all the difference in the world to me and made me realize that she is still my baby girl!
So with this discovery I have decided to start up a collection in Honor of Karter called Karter’s Bow of Faith. I am asking for all donation of bows of any size, shape, and color! These bows will be given to the girls at Children’s Medical Center. You can mail them to me or we will pick them up. I will be attaching a little prayer to each bow and will even attach your name if you would like. Please help me help other families see their sleeping beauties amidst all of their medical problems. I know that by receiving these bows we will be lighting up the life of lots of little girls. Please pass the word and contact me with any questions here on our blog or on Facebook!
Thank you so much for your time and consideration! With your help I know Karter’s Bow of Faith will be a great success!
Tara McHam
P.S. We will have a P.O. Box for you to send all bows to! Thanks!

How can you not pull out the ribbon and yarn and get to crafting for those sweet babies?! Please visit her blog and help her out, and above all pray for Karter and her family.

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