I just don't stay home. I can't remember the last weekend I was home. Ever. Seriously. I've had my new car for a month and a half now, and it's already rolled 3500 miles with me. Poor thing needs an oil change. Anyhow, that is my excuse for not blogging, for not crafting, for not giving a crap all around. I have tons of things I'd love to be doing, I have a million ideas I'd love to execute... but all in all, I'm pooped! I'd share pics of where we've been and what we've been doing...but my camera fell victim to the water. Yeah I'm a little bitter about that.
Things I have done:
I jazzed up a vintage suitcase for all my travels, no pics to share.
I've been working (already) on Neely's birthday party. Sept. 25th, save the date.
Worrying about buying her school clothes...not actually shopping - did I mention I'm too pooped to battle the targets and outlet malls?!
Made several trips west, several trips northeast, lots and lots of eating out.
Suffer mosquito bites, and sweat from all the heat.
Swim, attempt to get a tan. I don't fully understand why I have to be super white girl?!
Reading, and my husband even paid my library fine so I can read more. By the way, Kindle is now a lower price...just saying if anyone is dying to get me an awesome gift.
Feel terrible from all the food I've been eating.

So that pretty much sums it up for me, 'cause I'm too tired to finish this post!

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