Austin Weekend Getaway Day Dos

Went to Bookpeople at 10:30 PM. Yep great parents take their kids shopping in the middle of the night and then return to the hotel to watch Married with Children. Apparently she watches it every night on Nick at Night along with That 70's Show. Nice.
Drunks in room next ours kept us up most the night.
4:30 AM we call front desk on them.
Sleep late...obviously.
Go for breakfast at Threadgills for the brunch buffet. I love those sweet potato pancakes and garlic cheese grits.
Force feed Corndog like a baby syrup covered goodness. Who has to force their kid to eat sugar for breakfast? Gaw!
Go back to room so Corndog can swim.
Take Corndog to kid's museum while husband goes to random selection of bike shops.
I think the museum is lame, and a waste of money. She participates in a study for some UT kids.
Pay a million dollars to park and enter the city wide garage sale.
Only score was a $6.00 chenille bedspead in soft baby yellow with cute little ball trim.
Eyed a Kate Spade diaper bag. It was a steal at $75, it was emerald green. I prefer to keep with the blacks in my Kate bag collection, so I practiced will power and left it there. I WILL find one in black. I have two years practically right?!
Already planning how this lovely blanket will be cut to shreds and re purposed.
Hit up an amazing donut food truck on S. Lamar. I got the Funky Monkey. Fried bananas, cream cheese frosting. To die for.
Hit the road East.
Back in the big hot city, bags unpacked, and ready to relax.
Pox update, appears no other bumps have made their way to the surface, no fever, and no complaining of itching. I will say it's not the pox for now.

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