Part Two:

I have chosen names...I know that’s a bit much with no real guarantee in site, but I have. I have not shared this with Husband, I assume he’ll find out via way of blog, or he’ll find out later. Selfishly I don’t care if he likes my name choices or not. I don’t plan on taking away the fact that he’ll be the father of this baby, but I want it, he’s just appeasing me, and therefore I feel that it’s my baby my choice. I’m sure that’s a very wrong way of thinking about it. He’s a great father to our daughter…and I would imagine he would be to any future child. He did not like or agree to my choice of Neely’s name, I always figured he could name the next, but now the fact of the matter is that I no longer feel that way.

I have learned to crochet. I plan on making a baby blanket as soon as I finish the lime green scarf for Neely. Knitting is not for me. I wish it was because there are soo many cute baby hats, and stuffed animal toy patterns for knitters. I can deal with it I suppose. Perhaps I’ll learn. I mean I have forever and a day before I’ll actually have the baby.

Boy: Cillian Drake
Girl: Darby Camille

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