It's not something set in stone or anything, as much as I'd like for it to be but…. we're planning on adding a wee one to our family. In fact planning on trying for one next spring. The idea of waiting that long bums me out terribly. It's something I've been wanting for a good long while, and I have no patience for things like that.

The main reason we are putting it off for so much longer is my way of compromising. Let’s face it, we're just like most Americans, up to our eyeballs in debt, we live a very free lifestyle and we're not 100% willing to give up on some of the things we like to have or do to have another offspring. It's the responsible, adult thing to do, wait, pay down some bills, and be one-

Hundred percent sure we can deal with the whole thing.

I am driving my husband crazy by bringing it up daily, several times a day. We stand on very different ends of the spectrum. I'm sure he's not happy I'm going to be "painting him in a bad light." I mean it’s good he's being "responsible”, I suppose someone has to keep us grounded, and make sure we're okay. Blahh!

So long story short, in order to prepare for offspring Number Two, I plan on obtaining everything we need for a little person before we even get to the breeding part. My plan in to do this to alleviate the extreme financial burden having a tot is. I plan to record and document my journey in obtaining and creating the items for baby, nursery, maternity wardrobe, and so on. Not only that I will more than likely be sharing my emotional journey as well. I don’t expect anyone to read this.

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