Part One

How can I have this baby on the cheap?

I gave away pretty much every baby item we had from Neely. At the time we were real sure we didn’t want to experience that hell ever again. Also at the time we had several friends going through first time babies, and a tight budget as well, so we shared the items with them. I don’t regret sharing, and frankly by the time this next kid comes it’ll be 8 years difference. How old would that stuff be?! Ewww! Don’t get me wrong I’m 100% for good used stuff, and I plan on going that rout as much as possible for this go around.

I do have a crib that was outlawed last week. Seriously! It’s a drop side, it’s beautiful, we bought it used, and paid way too much for it. No doubt it’s been in storage in Handsome Husbands great grandma’s barn for 3 plus years now…probably rotted, would need a new mattress either way. I have a feeling this will be an added expense. I will need to purchase new EVERYTHING for this time.

Other ideas:

Breastfeed. As long as I can. I did not boob feed Neely, I wasn’t mature, ready, willing, or educated enough at the time to do it. Three weeks of trying, she was starving, I was crying. I gave up. I plan on being as educated and prepared as possible for this round. I will give it all the effort I can to make it work. At $22 a can of formula, I will have to. Besides, faster weight loss, I’ll take that!

Cloth diapers. Safer, healthier, overall cost is cheaper, I can make them myself from recycled fabric, and it’ll probably be an expense Handsome says we can spend in order to have disposables once he has to do the wash once. We’ll see. I am willing to give it a try.

Make shit myself. Blankets, bedding, décor, clothing. It’ll mean more to me if it’s my creation, my choice of fabrics, and it’ll be way better than some ugly crap with turtles or rocket ships on it. Gawd I hate the Babies R Us selections.

Buy at resale, or discount. Furniture, clothes kids outgrow fast, all of it that I can get cheap and use or repurpose I plan on doing. My budget is small. Like as in I have $40 every two weeks to sock into this project.

Midwife and home birth. Neely was 17 hours, no pain meds, I think I can do this. I would be okay with an at home birth with a midwife. Hubby thinks I’m crazy. Frankly I have a bathtub people pay large amounts of dough to rent in birthing centers. Perhaps I’ll go tree hugger on this round, and water birth it. Frankly the hospital nurses were very rude last time during my recovery, and I can do without that by being home. Ha ha.

I hopefully will pull it together on the smallest possible budget.
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  1. ok senorita, your insurance will cover more of your birth than you are thinking and most won't cover a midwife and the cost of the supplies to have it at home...so likely you'd break even. Second, I will likely be done with my crib around that time it's yours if you want it :) If yours in storage isn't rotted you can use it you just have to bolt the side in place so it won't move up and down. Third...that is all. Good luck. :) Oh and if you have a boy I have oodles of stuff.