Part Three

I don’t plan on finding out the sex of offspring #2. Perhaps we’ll do a gay as shit gender reveal party later in the process. Honestly it’ll depend on how much pressure I feel from others on the issue. To me it doesn’t matter. I have my names picked, and they are both equally as wonderful to me. I have no true wish for one sex over the other…although I won’t lie that the mother/ son relationship does sound so wonderful. I never had a closer relationship with Neely. I believe that I suffered post pardon; I was very immature when she was born, she was not a planned pregnancy, and it wasn’t a very “blissful” time in our relationship. I defiantly want the relationship with this next child to be different. Don’t get me wrong, I adore and love the mess out of Neely. We get along great now, and I was never a bad mother to her, I just never felt that “bond” that people talk about. It was never a Johnson and Johnson commercial moment of wonderful. Looking back I wish I’d taken the time to sit and enjoy her, to cherish the little moments with her more…but I was facing and dealing with my own young people struggles. Clearly a total disadvantage for her. She’s well adjusted; thank the man in the sky.

Gender neutral nursery color: Browns, creams, and light yellows.

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