Austin weekend getaway

Day one:
wake kid up at 6:30, she's not happy.
Get dressed and packed in under an hour.
Get in car drive 30 minutes stop for breakfast, kid is sleepy and not hungry anymore.
Get back on the road, drive kid sleeps off and on and asks when are we going to be there during the off times.
Get to Austin, she's not amused.
Wait in line for kyacks, she informs us she is not excited, rather freaked out.
Complains about how she's freaked out, tired, and can we turn around 10 minutes into it.
We go to pool, water is 68 degrees, she's thrilled, not one complaint.
This momma can't take the cold water, so I get sun burned on the sidelines.
Hit up soco for food trucks.
Corndogs corndog is too hot takes forever for her to eat.
I sucker her into eating fried goodness by telling her I'll buy her all the candy she wants at big top and an overpriced cupcake at hey cupcake. Yep she has to pee, no restroom in site.
Get to our hotel, discover red dots on her chest and torso... Jury is still out if it's pox.
Lounge around in room watching tv.
Wait for bats.
Husband comes back from his bike ride and tells us let's go out and watch from the deck below.
In transition to outside we miss the bats.
It is currently 9:30 and have not fed my now reluctant to dress and go out kid anything for dinner.
We have yet to determine what we plan to eat, how we will schedule time for the bookstore too...and corn dog wants to watch that 70's show.
Great parents let their kids watch shows with teens making out and getting high.
Day one of weekend away is a success.

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