Catching Up- Rambles

If you actually care and read my thoughts here, you know I’ve been slacking this last week or two on posting. So what I’ve been doing rather than blogging:

I haven’t made any baby purchasing progress. I’m okay with that. I haven’t even purchased fabrics because my current fun money budget has been on E. I hope it gets to F soon. First I’ll have to get past back to school shopping for Gums- her new name since she’s lost 3 teeth in two weeks. No big deal. It’s been hot, and it doesn’t help me to feel motivated to craft. It seems like such a fall/ winter thing to sit at the sewing table for hours on end.

I have been reading “What to Expect Before Your Expecting”. It’s not as fun as a great novel, but I’m learning a lot, and I hope to make this a very positive experience through education and research to be VERY prepared.

We’ve been pretty busy around our house. This past weekend me and my best friend Adrienne threw a surprise birthday party for two of our friends… and we plotted and planned that, shopped and cooked. I would say that our fondue fun was a total success. They were both surprised. We all had a great time. I really do have wonderful friends! Blessed.

Most evenings of last week I focused on cooking at home rather than eating out all the time, and getting some exercise by walking with Adrienne. Her husband was out of town, so we hung out pretty much every night. We make great food when we get together! Oh yeah!

In the baby making front I’ve been trying to take better care of myself physically. I am modifying my eating habits to incorporate more balanced and healthy meals. I’m not doing too shabby. I am NOT on a diet. I refuse to diet. I am simply trying to make healthier choices, choose foods that I know are providing me with the nutrients that will help me grow a healthy offspring. If I get in the habit now, I won’t feel deprived or in shock later when I need to eat healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I allow myself the occasional burger or shake, just not more than once a week.

I’ve begun taking those disgusting vitamins, and I’ve not missed a day yet…yeah for me. I find that they make me have terrible indigestion with a nasty egg flavor if I don’t eat a ton of food before I take them. Yuck!

Sadly this week I have been so busy and worn out from my day at the office, and I’ve been getting home later and later each day…I haven’t made much progress in the walking business. I will be struggling when I get a chance to do it again. Frankly the 103* temps make you never want to step foot outside, and if it’s not that hot it’s storming, leading to mosquitos. I was up to two miles.

Saturday I got to go visit with a friend that had her baby girl on Friday, oh melt my heart…she was so sweet and just slept so sweetly in my arms. It made me wish we weren’t waiting the whole year to prepare for a baby. But I know in the end I’ll be glad we did when we’re relaxed and enjoying the moment rather than being panicked because we can’t afford everything, or because we weren’t ready. It doesn’t help that at the party Sunday every one of our friends are actively trying to conceive, just had a baby, or are pregnant (except Adrienne).

No further progress on the crocheting of the blanket has been made, but on a productive note, I have however created an account at every baby site, product site etc. to get free crap, coupons and samples. Poor made up due date for made up baby I hope it gets me lots of great crap to start my soon to be real baby stash. I’m excited to see what I manage to come up with. I wish I could be and extreme coupon person…and I may start using some coupons in my shopping to see if I can save a few extra for bottles.

This coming up weekend we are visiting our family, and I hope to get into the storage building that is housing what we kept of Neely’s baby items to access our inventory and find out if our crib can be modified to no long be a drop side crib. If it can we’ll repurpose it rather than buying new. It’ll also give me a little boost to start creating bedding and such if I have the first item in place to inspire me. So I’m looking forward to it! I also will get to see my cousin’s cuties…and I hope their cute faces help my husband get excited about another little one. He. He.

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