Ugly Numbers

On the scale.
At the Medi-Spa.
Bad bad ugly numbers.

I guess the eatting everything I like, and want, and eatting out at all my favorite places in preperation for this has paid off. I'm fat. Those were the ugliest numbers I've ever seen. I had my consult yesterday. It went well. The numbers on the scale set me into a state of self hatred, and lack of hope. To add to the trauma my blood pressure is apparently so bad I'm bordering a stroke. Nice. They put you on a scale that measures your bmi, how much of you is actual fat, and how much each of your limbs weighs. Not so sexy. More fun than all that it gives you a really big un-obtainable number you should loose. Pounds. Gawd. I'll never make it to that number. Good numbers were the prices of the program. $35 for the visit. $275 for four weeks of hcg shots.$10 for lipo-dissolve shots whenever I feel like getting them. Easy right? I'm okay with those dollars. Sooo... even though I'm not giving you my numbers I will say that I should loose 68lbs to fit into the ideal weight. I hope to loose 50 total. I like my curves in most places. So tomorrow I will be talking about the "plan" and the grocery store trip. It's captivating!
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