Phase One

Eat as much fat as you can.

Well yesterday was the first day of my life. I went to get my first shot of hcg yesterday afternoon. Doesn't hurt. I may feel differently about that when I give it to myself tomorrow morning.

After your first injection you binge, gorge, go all fatty or whatever you call it. * side note: been blogging this from my phone and just realized I can say what I want and it types it for me!*

Back to fat consumption; I started with Mexican for dinner, donuts for breakfasts, chocolate milk, coke...no time for lunch (dern job). Dinner was a nasty club sandwich from McDonald's. Oh yeah McDonald's is programmed in auto- text. So weird. I added an apple pie for 7 extra grams of fatty. Yuck.

Don't get me wrong I'm the queen Miss Piggy but the thought of food grossed me out. Still does. I'm just afraid if I don't follow it to a T it won't work. I have been queezy everytime I eat.

Tomorrow will be injection number two. I will begin the low ( practically zero) calorie diet known as phase two. The pounds should begin to disappear soon after.

Jelious? You will be when I can finally find way cute clothes in my *new* size at vintage and second hand stores for mad cheap. So now you know my real driving force!

Here's to several more hours of saturated fats, butter and cheese, because soon I will put my inner Paula Dean in her grave!
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