One lousy pound

I felt like serious crap today. I could not get going this morning. I went to work looking like it too.
After a few hours falling asleep at my desk, struggling I went next door to the Medispa for another B12 shot. Then to Jasons for strawberries and green tea. I felt better soon after.
My boss is not happy with my not being able to eat crap food aka pick his up, and my lack of "pep"- he said its not working for him. I can't argue, I'm fighting the urge to quit so bad. I was excited to be half way... but after more research into phase 3 I found out no bread. Not just sugar...no bread for 3 more weeks. AFTER the two more I have?! Oh I can't make it. I'd give my left arm for a tortilla. To make matter worse I saw recipes on yahoo today for faux girlscout cookies. Uhh.
Today I took another injection and I'm back to being disgusted by food and queezy all day. That gives me hope since I wasn't loosing when I didn't feel this way.
So there you have it faithful readers my update. I know you couldn't wait for me to post it.
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