Bulk shopping and cooking

Yesterday I went to wholefoods on Austin as part of a girls road trip. I stocked up on meats and veggies and herbs. Best part is all organic.

Today I made a dreaded trip to the W-mart for a ton of rubbermaid containers.

This afternoon I whipped up a pot of homemade chili with fresh veggies and beef cubes.
A few batches of hcg approved meatballs, and homemade marinara.
Cooked up some faux crabcake, all the goodies no breadding, so no cake formed.
I have chicken marinating in the fridge for cooking tomorrow. And to top it all off I had a nice tough dry grass fed cow steak for dinner. It shrunk from 4 oz to 2, but I'm full.

I baked up some cheddar herb bread from a mix made by my friend for Dal to have with his dinner and it almost killed the deal. I was dying to eat a bite!

I've held strong. My motto is nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. And I really want to enjoy my water time this summer.

I go to the medispa on Tuesday and ill have a better idea of my progress...and a new set of shots in hand.
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