So far

-5 lbs. since Monday.

It sucks eating nothing good, not because I'm hungry but because I love junk food.

I've been consuming two liters of water a day. Not so fun at night.

I'm not eating all the food allowed, I'm just not that hungry, and it doesn't sound good enough to poke in my mouth.

I tried to exercise last night, and lasted 15 minutes before I felt like fainting. Probably should have had lunch, since as of 5pm yesterday I'd only managed to choke down half a grapefruit and a melba toast.

I enjoyed baked talaipa and boiled asparagus for dinner. Not so bad. Hard to cut down on salt when there is no sugar in the meal, working on that.

Today I'm going with the appetite suppressant...it's not better or worse.

This morning was my third injection, and I'm a pro at it!

I found some sites with recipes so I'm excited to make some meals in bulk and freeze for future use. I'll be updating that fun stuff over the weekend!

All in all I'm pleased with the way that things are going!

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