Diet Food Shopping Adventure

As with any diet there is the food aspect. The important part. What will you eat?!

500 calories a day. Everyday for four long weeks. It's not just the calories, its only certain foods at assigned times.

I went for my weekly trip to the grocery. Armed with my print out... and very strong will power to avoid the Little Debbie section.

I realized that my only satisfaction is going to be in the form of tea. I do not enjoy hot tea. I prefer sugar in my cold tea nonetheless I will take any variation of flavor I can get so I stocked up.

Among my tea I can have coffee. Black. One melba toast a day. Salad. Select veggies. Grapefruit. Strawberries. And 4 oz of chicken or veal or non oily fish twice a day. No oil. Do you know how hard it is to cook without any oils? No dressings either.

I stocked up on chicken, and a ceramic skillet. Mrs. Dash.

I am ready. I can do this.

I will go tomorrow afternoon and get my first round of shots. I binge on fat for 48 hours...and off to bland land for me.
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